The Factory

In the 1950 Giacomo Bersanelli, after working for 15 years at a small factory, with few means he opened his own laboratory of footwear in Castelnuovo del Garda.
The next stages of development were characterized by the opening of the first factory in 1962 and subsequently by the acquisition in 1988, of the current production site.
Today the grandchildren, grateful for the teaching received, carry on the traditions in the new company, with love for shoes that has always characterized their family.
This transformation was made possible through the use of advanced technology and investment on individual skills, thus contributing to the growth of the company.
Emphasis on continuous development in research, collections staff investigates, examines and prepares the raw materials that will be part of the footwear, as well as product changes and content, satisfying the tastes and needs of the consumer, keeping the main goal of providing comfort footwear quality.

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