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Calzaturificio European Comfort S.r.l., being specialized in the study, design and production of women’s comfort footwear, invests mainly in the materials used, supplying itself with Italian manufacturers, who issue certifications for the quality of the materials themselves and for the absence of toxic products to the human body.

The main collections of footwear are made with the aim of ensuring comfort to the foot and therefore the European Comfort is specialized:

  • in the bag working with Strobel stitching: The bag working is a working that allows the shoe the maximum flexibility, ensuring lightness comfort to the wearer.
  • when working on uppers sewn on the sole: the upper is fixed to the sole with some points of glue, to give stability to the two parts before being sewn together by using a machine. All processes where the finished product is much more flexible than for a work with the upper mounted on the sole. This process requires extreme attention in the production and development of models and precision in the hemming and assembly of the upper. The Mecvall workmanship makes the shoe very flexible, with the possibility of inserting orthopaedic insoles inside the sole.
  • In needle or “mounted upper” working: the upper, together with the lining, is turned up on the shape and joined to the mounting footbed by means of a heat-adhesive. The mounted upper is then glued to the sole. The shape used determines the fit of the shoe, and European Comfort mainly uses 7/G or H/8 shoe shapes.



With our shoes, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud with your bare feet.


Comfort shoes that do not renounce elegance.


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    Castelnuovo del Garda
    37014 - Verona (Italy)


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